04 January 2011

Can you picture it?

Thank you to MsKathy for the gorgeous picspo! So many different options out there, aren't there? We shared some great recs and pics from a few of our judges. Gives you just a taste of what's out there and what needs to be written. Need a bit more prompting? FTLOW Contest tumblr

What are you waiting for? *Slaps ass* Go go go!

The Basics

Today we've got a little rec and a little picspo from the very sweet Lola-pops, author of We Were Here.

This Photograph is Proof
by ilsuocantante

This was one of the first femmeslash oneshots that I read, and it continues to be one of my most favorites! ilsuocantante uses vivid, sensory imagery to tell the tale of a night that was ten years in the making, while managing to include backstory that imparts the connections between the characters, but doesn't take you out of the moment. Enjoy!

The picspo doesn't relate to the rec but Lola-pops is a fan. Girls and books are sexy, aren't they?

Thanks to Lola-pops for her recs! Check back soon - we have picspo coming from MsKathy.

Have you started writing for the For the Love of Woman contest? We've got a couple of entries that will be posting soon and can't wait to see what else you have in store for us! Give us your best!


28 December 2010

Cause in the evening, it's girls!

L'Amour de Femmes is pleased to announce that our For the Love of Women contest is now taking submissions. We're open for business and looking for you to share anonymous femmeslash one-shots with us and the world.

Our amazing line-up of judges for the contest are Camoozle, Chele681, einfach_mich, lola-pops, MsKathy, stephk0525 and venti.turtl

We put a little bug in their ear and asked for some of their favorite femme stories and photos so that we could share them with you - giving you an idea of some of what's out there. We know that there are a wealth of possibilities with femmeslash and we encourage everyone who's interested to write for us.

Stepping up to the plate first is our sassy Texan, stephk0525 with her rec of Ms. Kathy's "Acceptance."

Oh my sweet lawd. *Fans self* Not only is there depth to Bella and Leah both beautifully and realistically written, but there is some insanely hot lovin between them. I totally dig Bella's attitude on love.
"I don't fall in love with genders, I fall in love with people," I explained..."Facets of you are just parts and pieces that make up the whole of who you are, not a gender, not an identity."

She is so sure of who she is and that is so refreshing when Bella is the one that is sure of herself. It balances Leah nicely who is struggling with who she is and thus makes the title hit home.

And when these two finally get some quality alone time...holymotherfuckmypantieswentkaboom! Ms. Kathy is a master at the smexin and if the following doesn't render you a gooey pile of mishmash, I donut know what will.

I moved my mouth to place a soft kiss at the top of her pussy. Just one, to let her know what was about to happen. "Open your eyes, sweetheart," I requested. "I want you to watch me." As the words left my mouth, I felt my arousal grow. The aching swell throbbed through my own lower half. Her eyes opened and focused on mine, and I moved my tongue out slowly to touch and taste her. I used my thumbs to play with her lips, spreading them apart after a few movements over her clit. As I lapped between them, I hummed against her, knowing the vibrations would add to the sensation. She gasped and her hips shifted forward just slightly.

Umm, yeah. Cleanup in my chair please.

If you are not already a lover of pie, this one will make you holler for a slice. Just sayin.

Since the story was written by one of our judges, it only made sense for
Ms. Kathy to provide the pretty for this post. And oh, isn't it just?

We're accepting submissions now through February 6, 2011. All the contest information can be found on the FTLOW Contest FF.net page. The contest twitter is @FTLOWContest and we have a tumblr for pretty NSFW pictures, too. Lots of inspiration to be had so check it out and show us what you've got.

Come on, you know you want to! ;)


13 December 2010

We need a little femmeslash, right this very minute.

In the months since we started this blog, the response and positive feedback has been amazing. We’re thrilled to pieces that so many of you are interested in femmeslash, and in having more of it around the Twilight fandom. We want to give you what you want. We want to give it to you hard, and often. Heh.

We got some fantastic responses to the form we posted asking you to tell us what you liked/didn’t like about femme. We can’t thank all of the people that responded enough for their willingness to share details likes and dislikes, wish lists, thoughts on why femme is less read, hated stereotypes, etc. We are planning a follow up post soon with all the details.

Also, we’re hosting the For the Love of Women contest! We’ve got a killer list of judges and we are all chomping at the bit to read some new femme. All the details are here. We’ve also got a fuckhawt tumblr for inspiration and a Twitter if you want to keep up on the details. Bring on the girls!

Lastly, but not at all leastly (not a word), we’ve got us a new femme. We want to keep you tits deep in recs and pictures, and the more people we’ve got working on that, the better. Plus, she’s hot. So please welcome our newest femme, Lightstardust.

And in case we don’t post again before the holidays are over, Merry Happy Joyous to you and yours from us and ours. We hope you all get exactly what you want. I asked Santa for Vanessa Lake in my bed. I haven’t been good, but I’m hoping anyway ;)

<3 fngrcufs

20 November 2010

Femme Rec from @fngrcufs - The Sun Came Out from the Clouds by @brokendawn5

Femme Rec from fngrcufs

The Sun Came Out from the Clouds

by brokende


1st place winner, open voting, In The Closet Contest 2010; femmeslash. Victoria sees Bella, and immediately she wants her. She yearns to take her, to have her. Bella makes Victoria burn with need, and Victoria has a plan. But will Bella succumb?

So, no big secret, I’ve been begging for more femmeslash for awhile now. So when I saw that the In the Closet Contest was accepting femmeslash entries, I was excited. I figured at least a few femme one-shots would come out of it, and maybe even something non Alice/Bella. (No offense to the many A/B shippers out there, it’s just not my favorite).

Enter one email from bookjunkie1975 saying something along the lines of hey, check it out, it’s your girl! VICTORIA! I have such a thing for her, and there is almost no femme with her in it. Color me happy! The Sun Came Out from the Clouds was the first entry posted in the contest, and it was amazing.

The sun came out from the clouds, and I wanted her. The need was fierce and immediate: I saw her, and my whole body flushed with heat, my breathing sped and labored, my nipples hardened, I throbbed. She was just sitting on a bench, reading a book, nothing special. Walking my usual route through the park, ear buds blasting, I probably passed her four or five times that morning without even noticing. But then the sun made an appearance, and her russet hair warmed and glowed in a burst of heat, setting me aflame. I saw her, and she was beautiful. I saw her, and I had to have her.

I think I was sold right from the first passage, and it only got better. This one shot is from Victoria’s point of view. She’s more than a little jaded, she’s seen a lot and done a lot, and something in Bella speaks to her. There is a predator/prey dynamic to this and some fantastic canon influences. Honestly, I was wary of Victoria in portions of this; her determination to have Bella had me dying to know how it was going to play out.

As our friendship deepened, the locations changed. We went from coffee to drinks; from drinks to dinners; from restaurants to our apartments, late nights spent talking on couches, curled up beside each other, wine glasses in hand. Sometimes we'd watch a movie, and she would always fall asleep in the middle, her head drifting into my lap. Those nights were torturous for me as I ran my fingers through her hair, watching her pink lips parted in repose, her breath soaking into my thighs. I wanted her so badly, wanted to place my lips all over her, but by then, I knew for certain that she'd never been with another woman. I had to be slow, careful. I had to take my time, although I burned for her, even more than I had at the first.

Part of what I loved about this story was how natural the progression felt, especially for Bella. By the time Victoria and Bella took their relationship to the next level, I was holding my breath waiting for it.

Taking her nipple in my mouth, I teased it with my tongue. I flicked it over and over, and I watched her chest rise and fall more quickly. Then I sucked hard, rolling my tongue around the peak, feeling it tighten. I bit down. "Victoria," she cried out, and I kissed her again, hard, as I pinched her other nipple between my fingers.

Her flush ran all the way down her chest as I took her nipple back into my mouth and ran my hand down, down, down, into her lacy slip of panties. She was warm and wet, and I relished in her as I traced my finger up and down, up and down. Her eyes were closed, her head thrown back, her chin lifted—I leant down and kissed from her ear to her collarbone, gentle kisses, down then back up until I took her earlobe into my mouth and sucked, all the while keeping a slow and steady rhythm over her pussy with just one finger. She turned her head just a little, nuzzling me with her cheek, and breathed into my ear, "Please, Victoria, please."

Did I mention it’s hot? No? IT’S HOT! The sex in this was well written, believable, gorgeous and insanely sensual.

But my favorite thing about this piece? How real it feels. From the beginning, with that moment to the end, which is not what I expected, or even wanted, but is nonetheless perfect.

In the end, the In the Closet Contest got nineteen femme entries, almost half of the total, and the ones that I read were great. But the first one, this story, stayed my favorite. It won first place in the open vote and I was thrilled. So congratulations to brokende and thank you for such an amazing one shot. I hope we see more from you soon!


P.S. Since we’re talking contests, L’Amour de Femmes is hosting one! For the Love of Women: All femme, anon, one-shot contest. Complete details will be posted next week.

30 September 2010

Let's Talk about femme(slash)

Femmeslash and what it means to you in 20 words or less. Go!

Okay, not really. But we are curious. We want to know what you think! About the blog, sure, but more about femmeslash in general for the moment.

We want to know why you love it...or why you don't.

We want to know what pairing blows your skirt up.

We want to know what you want to see that you can't find. Who knows, maybe we can find it for you (we are a resourceful bunch). Or maybe your idea will be the inspiration someone else needs to write some. The possibilities are endless!

We've created a form with a few basic questions about femmeslash within the fandom. Nothing is required, but we'd love it if you'd share your thoughts.

There is no judgement whatsoever. If you say you don't like femme and you want to tell us why, that's fantastic. We aren't here to change anyone's mind, we just want to hear all the different views out there.

There is a free form space for you to tell us whatever you'd like to and a space for you to rec us something or pimp your own femmeslash fic.

We'd love it if you took a few moments to give us your thoughts!

Thanks and Hearts, The Femmes

Must give love to one of my favorite femmes, Lightstardust. She provided me with the pretty for this post and gives me pretty every day. <3

16 September 2010

The Love of Women

Have you ever looked around the fandom and wondered where all the femmeslash was? Me too. Ever wanted to avoid the perils of fic diving and just jump right into a pool of really good girly love? Me too. Wish there was more variety, more pairings, more exposure, just MORE? ME TOO!

So here we are. L'amour De Femmes. The love of women. More specifically, women loving other women. We like it, we love it, we want more of it. And we want to give those who are looking for the same a great resource for it.

A few months back, once I (finally) decided it was time to break out of my little 'canon, ExB, all the time' bubble, one of the first things I went looking for was femmeslash. I found some, but not a lot. And some of what I found was absolutely beautiful, but that only made me want to find more like it. And you can call me a femmeslash h00r (you would NOT be the first), but there just wasn't enough. So I did what I always do in these situations.

I tweeted bookjunkie1975.

She is the sexiest little librarian in the fandom and when I need a rec, no matter what it is, I go straight to her. She confirmed that my suspicions were correct...there wasn't a lot. She gave me a few recs that I hadn't already found. I read my way through them quickly. I begged venis_envy to help as I knew she was also a fan of the ladies in fic.

At this point, we figured at least we could gather up all the great stuff we had read and put them in one place, so we started a profile and community on fanfiction.net. We pimped the hell out of them and we saw a lot of interest. I ran my (big) mouth all over twitter, and not only did we get some new recs, we also found a number of people who were looking for the same thing we were...more femme.

We found that people were putting the profile on author alert. While it was not originally set up to be an author profile, we decided to take advantage. We started In the Land of Women, a collaborative femmeslash story effort. We are looking for authors that are interested in writing femme to contribute. One shots, drabbles, etc. Each 'chapter' is a different story by a different author. Want to contribute? We're willing to beg...

And while I have less technical skills than my grandma, we decided to start a blog. There are so many blogs for different things; recs, awards, pimping, but there didn't seem to be any just for femmeslash.

What are we going to do here? Talk about femmeslash, pimp stories, etc. What else do you want to see? We are open to any and all suggestions. Want to see interviews with the authors that write femme? Let us know. Know a fantastic story we are missing out on? Tell us. Want to offer us technical expertise? I may throw myself at your feet.

We have some things in the works, so keep you eyes open for upcoming posts. We're also on twitter, so you can follow up for updates there as well.

So if you love the ladies like we do, we hope you'll come back and play.

Hearts and hugs, fngrcufs